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This privacy policy (Policy)informs you of your choices with regards to privacy and our practices with regards to them.
In this Policy , “King of Crokinole”  refers to the data controller under applicable privacy laws.

For the purpose of this Policy , “Information” means any information related to an identified or identifiable individual who interacts with this website or the game “King of Crokinole” and is henceforth referred to as the User.

When the User interacts with the King of Crokinole website or plays the game (” our content” ), the User accepts the terms and conditions set out in this Policy.
If the User does not wish to accept the Policy, or has questions about the Policy, then the User should contact King of Crokinole here, prior to interacting with our content:


King of Crokinole is a mobile game for IOS and Android devices.
Our content is made with the aim to entertain the User , any and all data King of Crokinole collects is a byproduct of the functioning of our content.

King of Crokinole does not sell or resell the User’s information to 3rd party’s and will delete any information the User wants removed upon request.


In order to secure the quality of the content King of Crokinole serves to the User, we collect the following Information:

Information based on User’s input:

  • Registration Information : 
    Upon launch of the Game, the User is asked to submit a user name , or can connect an existing account via Apple Sign In, Google, Facebook or Email.
    When the User creates a user name, the Device ID and rough Location (Country) will be stored on the King of Crokinole Playfab server, a service owned and operated by Microsoft.
  • Device Media Access:
    When selecting a profile image, or makes use of the disc customiser in the King of Crokinole application , the User may be asked for access to the Gallery or Camera of the device  in order to select an image file of the User’s choosing.
    The application also provides preset images, so the choice is up to the User.
  • Support Information:
    When the User interacts with King of Crokinole to resolve a potential issue, some Information may be collected in order to resolve said issue.
    For example an Email address, Name or Data Log’s may be gathered and used for the duration of the support case

Information King of Crokinole collects automatically,  or is generated about you when you engage with our content

  • Identifiers: 
    Such as IP Address, Device/App/User- ID’s , rough location data (City, Country) and device Information (i.e. model/brand and operating system)
  • Media Access:
    When the User has opted to make use of functionality of the application, whereby the User’s images are loaded into the game, it may happen that the User’s content is on display to 3rd party’s (i.e. when playing online against other players, the opposing player sees the User’s generated content)
  • Transaction Records:
    When the user makes an InApp purchase , transaction information (hashed) is being communicated through our app with the Playfab servers (purchase verification) and the respective store (Google or Apple app store), to retrieve the purchased digital goods.
  • Cookies:
    If the User agrees to the placement of cookies (or similar technologies (ie log files, eTags , scripts and web beacons)on their device , King of Crokinole may gather information to improve our Content with respect to the User.
    Use of these technologies is entirely left to the User’s preference and King of Crokinole will always request permission prior to employing this or similar technologies.

3rd Party Information

  • Account Information: 
    When the User opts to link any of their accounts (i.e. Apple/Google/Facebook /Email etc), King of Crokinole may receive (partial) User Information, like:  the User’s Apple ID, Name, Avatar and City Level Location.
    If the User elects to link their email account, King of Crokinole also collects an Email address.
    Information gathered, is a byproduct of the functionality of King of Crokinole content.
  • Advertising:
    Our game has implemented advertising functionality through the Unity Technologies backend, which gathers Information pertaining advertising goals.
    This Information includes the User’s userid and interactions with any ads shown.
  • In Game Activity:
    Unity Technologies provides reports that helps King of Crokinole  optimize in-game features and events to the User which include the User’s user ID and information on the User’s  in-game activity.


King of Crokinole does not explicitly target children, but for the most part is age appropriate.
Our content does not exhibit or encourage any kind of violence (it’s a boardgame) .

The user needs to be aware that the King of Crokinole game includes in app purchases and may show ads , over which King of Crokinole has no control as to the content of said ad.

Because of that King of Crokinole strongly advises,  that User’s under the age of 16 obtain permission to engage with our content , from their parent or guardian.


How King of Crokinole uses the User’ s Information

  • In game use of Information
    When the User first opens the King of Crokinole game, the User can login with their device ID , from within the game the User can link accounts attached to their identity.
    Though optional, King of Crokinole advises to link at least one account, as to preserve progress and potential in game purchases across multiple devices.

    For Android devices King of Crokinole offers the following 3 types of account links: Google Play, Facebook and Email
    For Apple devices King of Crokinole offers these 3 types of account links : Apple Sign In, Facebook and Email.
    When the User makes use of any of these account links, the User implicitly agrees to share the information they link, with King of Crokinole.

    King of Crokinole also maintains a record of purchases made  and  stores this in the User’s Playfab account.
    None of the Information King of Crokinole gathers, will be shared outside of this ecosystem and all Information is hashed (anonymized) for added security
  • Monitoring in Game behaviour:
    King of Crokinole does not monitor the User’s behaviour directly, but data on in-game behaviour may be gathered through 3rd party integrations.
    Some examples are Unity , which gathers advertising data and platforms like Google Play(Android devices) and Apple (iOS devices), which collect data on how the game itself performs (i.e. crash reports  and log files)
  • Submitting bug reports or support cases
    When the User submits  a bug report, or starts a support case, King of Crokinole may ask for specific Information to resolve the matter.
    This Information will not be shared with 3rd party’s and will only be used to resolve the matter at hand.

    Once the case or bug is resolved, when a year has passed, or on the request of the User, King of Crokinole will remove all Information  specific to the User, but reserves the right to maintain records of a technical nature.
    For example when a specific device or version of an operating is involved, which is generic enough and is not information that can exclusively be linked to an User. 

    King of Crokinole is not responsible for information send over insecure connections and damages resulting from said connections, on the User’s end.
  • Newsletter and other subscription based services
    Everything King of Crokinole offers is based on an opt in system.

    When an User signs up for a subscription service or newsletter, we may gather information based on location, or how the User interacts with the service, this includes:
    a) create anonymised and aggregated data
    b) create segments of users who show particular characteristics or interests
    c) conduct predictive analytics about your interests

    Once a User opts in King of Crokinole also may send in-game offers, via e-mail or a notification system, relevant to the service the User has opted in for.
    To re-iterate ; King of Crokinole will always ask for consent and offers an easy and clean way out of any service the User wants out of.
  • Piracy and Fraud
    When the User starts using our Content, they implicitly agree to abide by social and legal standards and we will exercise any legal means to protect our Userbase and our own interests from anti-social or illegal activity .
    In the case of anti-social or illegal activity, King of Crokinole reserves the right to use Information obtained from the User and share it with the legal authorities and/or to pursue legal action in order to protect the interests of King of Crokinole.

    Examples of such measures are as follows, but not limited too:
    (1) Monitoring Game use to detect fraud or any other user behaviour which prejudices the integrity of our content.
    (2) Taking steps (within the legal framework available) to remedy fraud and behaviour mentioned in (1).
    (3) Defending King of Crokinole’s interest against legal claims or disputes.
    (4) Enforcing our Terms & Policies.

    When doing so, King of Crokinole will process the Information relevant in such a case, including information the User has  provided, information King of Crokinole has automatically collect about the User and information which is provided to King of Crokinole by third parties. 


King of Crokinole shares the User’s Information with selected 3rd Parties, including:

  • Other Users
    When the User plays online, they share a limited amount of personal information with other users.
    King of Crokinole strongly advises not to interact out of our content’s ecosystem and be wise about what names they choose for their online persona and the images they select for their profiles.
  • Vendors
    For the smooth operation of the King of Crokinole game, King of Crokinole relies on a number of 3rd party services.
    From Fusion for the matchmaking, Playfab for account management  and validation,  Google and Apple respectively for hosting the content and the framework for in game services and purchases.
    Unity Technologies is the provider of the game engine and certain in game advertising modules .
    All of our partners and suppliers have been vetted to the best of King of Crokinole’s ability and all the data stays within their respective eco systems
  • Advertising partners
    We have integrated ads (for iOS we’ve only implemented rewarded ads, as it is a premium game), using the Unity Technologies framework.
    Within that framework advertising identifiers , in game behaviour and reaction to certain ads will be monitored, in order to provide the User with a frictionless experience  with regards to the ad content they get served
  • Payment Processors
    For in app purchases , King of Crokinole makes use of  Google(Android devices) and Apple(iOS devices) native payment processors to collect payments and transactional information will pass through the respective eco systems … the User’s data is secure .
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
    King of Crokinole discloses information with the authorities when we are legally required to do so (ie under a warrant or similar legal frameworks), or if King of Crokinole has a good faith belief that such use is reasonably necessary to comply with a legal obligation, process or request; enforce our terms of service and other agreements, policies, and standards, including investigation of any potential violation thereof; detect, prevent or otherwise address security, fraud or technical issues; or protect the rights, property or safety of us, our users, a third party or the public as required or permitted by law (including exchanging information with other companies and organisations for the purposes of fraud protection).
  • Change of Ownership
    If King of Crokinole is involved in a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, reorganisation, partnership, asset sale or other transaction, King of Crokinole may disclose the User’s Information as part of that transaction. 
  • Third Party Privacy 
    When you access any of our Content through the use of a 3rd party platform, like Facebook, Google or Apple, it may be the case that these parties gather information based upon their terms & conditions, which may supersede ours.
    King of Crokinole is not responsible when conflicting terms & conditions occur, it is up to the User to inform themselves on the rules and regulations of the platform they choose to engage our content from.
  • Security
    King of Crokinole has put in place security measures to maintain the privacy of the User , as well as the integrity and security of the Information send over the internet.
    The User needs to be aware however, that communication send over the internet is not 100% secure and due diligence and awareness of the risk when it comes to this is a responsibility of the User.

    King of Crokinole does however hash all data going in and out of the content they serve and will minimise the flow of information send and received to an absolute minimum when it pertains sensitive information.


King of Crokinole processes the Information of the User from within the EEA (Europe) and fall under the EU laws of data protection and privacy, which provides a high level of security.

King of Crokinole will however, based on best effort, try and comply with Privacy laws the User resides in


King of Crokinole stores the User’s information for as long as they make use of the content.
Once the User stops interacting with King of Crokinole content, data is stored up to a year, or upon request of the User, whichever comes first.


The User has rights of Access to their Information upon request. This includes an explanation as to how King of Crokinole has been using the User’s data, but the information pertaining other User’s and technical information about our content itself is excluded.
The User has the right to request deletion of your Information. 

King of Crokinole may need to retain some of your Information where there are valid grounds for us to do so under data protection laws. For example, for the defence of legal claims, respect freedom of expression, or where we have an overriding legitimate interest to do so, but we will let you know when this is the case.

NOTE: When Information is held by a 3rd party  data controller, King of Crokinole will use reasonable steps to inform them of the User’s request.
King of Crokinole advises the User, to contact the relevant party directly to ensure that their personal data is erased.

  • Objection and Withdrawal of Consent:
    (1) The User has the right to withdraw their consent, even when previously consent was given by the User.
    (2) The User has the right to object to the processing of their Information at any given time 
  • Portability:
    The User has the right to receive a copy of the Information we have processed on the basis of consent or contract in a structured , commonly used and readable format, or to request that such information is transferred to a 3rd party.
  • Correction:
    The User has the right to request the correction of any information King of Crokinole  is holding that the User deems inaccurate
  • Restriction:
    The User has the right under certain circumstances to (partly) stop us from processing information, other than for storage purposes.


If the User has any suggestions or simply wishes to contact King of Crokinole, they can do so by using this e-mail address:


Changes and amendments to the Policy will be added here